When Doctors are Bored

…we write hikus. At least, I do. These were written during one of the orientation lectures my Intern year.

The zombie shambles
Toward my peaceful abode
Shuffling to his end;

The season is right
For quaint winter with red snow,
Weather of shotgun

The zombie pieces
Decorate spruce and pine;
Christmas in July.


Squeeky chair my bane,
Sweaty butt makes farting noise,
I swear it’s not me.


Two hour lecture,
My mind begins to wander
To thoughts of darkness;

A man that is bat,
A hero vigilante
I would violate.

Alas, life is real,
I married a mortal man
Who is wolverine


I should be list’ning
But I was denied Starbucks
Please kill me quickly.

I am certain that
God does not sleep deprive you
In eternal rest.


Hoping a code blue
Will not greet me first day on;
I will micturate.

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