Prometheus’s Gift: Rational Faith in a Secular World

fire in hand

I am a physician. I am a former science teacher for Kaplan International. I have a bachelor of science in evolutionary biology. I am a mother and a wife. My parents are Protestants. My in-laws are Catholics. I am an advocate of secular and humanist agendas.

And… I am an openly practicing modern Pagan.

That surprises people for a variety reasons and I get many bizarre looks and questions. Fellow scientists and secularists feel annoyed that I bother with a religion at all. Practitioners of mainstream religion are worried I worship the Devil (I don’t, FYI. You have to believe in something to worship it). Some of them try to save my soul. I’ve been accused of corrupting my children. My own family worries about the public perception of me.

I think, in the end, what’s more important is that I am a scientist who found a way to grow spiritually without compromising my common sense, my education, or my faith. This page is a resource for Pagans, Humanists, Rational members of traditional faiths, and yes, even secularists. My goal is to share materials, ideas, and historical research to aid spiritual growth and practice, without compromising science.

A Pagan’s “sacred literature” is composed of humanity’s mythologies. Some Gods went to great lengths to give humanity knowledge. They were, without exception, punished for it. These stories, such as Zeus’ eternal punishment of Prometheus for giving man fire, remind me not to waste or limit my knowledge. Science and religion are not enemies, they are the same. And I’ll show you why.

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