Bedside Manners: Surviving Hospital Medicine




Yup. That’s a real patient. He swallowed a key because he was mad at his roommate. This was, apparently, the best way to keep his roomie out of the apartment. This wonderful bit of entertainment is but the tip of the iceberg. Medicine is always an adventure.

For most of my medical career, I’ve served the inner city populace of Kansas City (both MO and KS sides) and Independence, MO. Included in this section is a collection of stories about residency and what it’s like being a hospital physician, particularly in an area where our politicians and laws have failed our country¬†people.

Each story has been altered to avoid the violation of HIPPA laws. Occasionally, I give fake names to patients for improved flow of prose. Regardless, please remember no name is real. I am careful to avoid any information  which might identify an actual patient. I believe I have stayed true to the heart of the story, even with changing some necessary facts for patient privacy.

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