Perpetual Momtion


Contained within are the stories of a Type A personality attempting to survive in an ADD family. I’m a physician who loves to write and I have several blossoming projects on here, some which I hope will be of interest to the reader who is experiencing ADD her/himself (either personally or in the family). This is a lighthearted, but honest accounting of the impact of ADD in the modern world from the eyes of someone who has clinical experience with it. While I do not have ADD myself, my father, son , and husband have ADD. I have often been the pillar of stability for all of them, and I suspect there are many others out there in a similar situation.

I welcome everyone to join me as  I document our struggles and our laughter as we are blown sideways through life. I’m also writing about our new adventure homeschooling our ADD son, and will be sharing links and answering questions about dealing with these issues to keep a family working strong. I can’t call myself an expert, but I have studied ADD extensively and feel that sharing our adventures and struggles may help others. Included within are links for people with questions about ADD, homeschooling, and the medical aspects of the diagnoses.

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